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Baby & Child's Nutrition

Baby & Child
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Infant: Weight, Allergies, Breastfeeding...

Life as parents is full of twists and discoveries, and nutrition is a significant part of it!

If you're concerned about your baby's growth and nutrition, whether due to insufficient weight gain, delayed weight, or conversely, rapid weight gain, I'm here to support you.

Whether your baby is exclusively breastfed, on infant formula, or in the process of introducing solid foods, it's through a comprehensive evaluation that I can customize my advice. The goal is to ensure harmonious growth and a balanced diet.

If you're breastfeeding your baby and want to meet all their nutritional needs, or if you're facing challenges, cravings, or organization issues in preparing homemade meals with your baby, nutritional guidance can help you maintain breastfeeding while ensuring a balanced diet for both you and your baby.

If your baby shows symptoms of cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) or other allergies, I can guide you in understanding these dietary challenges.

Baby: Introduction to Solid Foods

If you need support with the introduction of traditional complementary feeding or the method of Baby-Led Weaning (BLW), or if your baby rejects purees, or if the transition to solid pieces proves challenging, we can adjust the approach to introducing foods or their progression following an evaluation to meet your baby's specific needs.

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Child: Pediatric Eating Disorders and Food Selectivity / Picky Eaters

Your child is being difficult at the table, refusing to taste or try new food?

Meals often turn into tantrums, tears, or tension, despite all your attempts: negotiations, pleas, and even threats involving dessert.

It is essential to understand that these behaviors are a normal part of a child's development, ranging from simple food neophobia to pediatric feeding disorders or oral aversion disorders. Regardless of the causes, there are several effective strategies to support your child during this phase, including a multidisciplinary approach if necessary.

My mission is to analyze behaviors, determine if your child exhibits oral aversion, and guide you to appropriate healthcare professionals. I provide strategies, practical advice, and tips for implementation. I also ensure that your child's nutritional needs are met to reassure you. The goal is to foster a healthy relationship between your child and food, transforming mealtime into an enjoyable moment for the whole family with personalized advice tailored to your situation!

During the dietary follow-up, we will address the following dimensions:

  • Specific needs of your child.

  • Ensuring essential nutrients for the child by creating a personnalized meal plan.

  • Collaborating on the development of a sensory habituation plan for any new food and a food chaining plan to gradually expand his food repertoire.

  • Organizing games to spark interest in the child and better understand his limits.

Child: picky or good eater

Is your child a picky eater?

Perhaps they occasionally refuse certain foods like meat, milk, or vegetables, causing concerns about their food selectivity. You may worry about a potential deficiency in iron, proteins, calcium, or other nutrients in their diet.

A comprehensive evaluation will allow us to examine your child's nutritional intake, suggest potential adjustments to dietary habits, family dynamics, or simply provide you with peace of mind.

Children are the best judges of their own nutritional needs and sensations, especially when approached with kindness from those around them!

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Child: Weight Management

If you have concerns about your child or adolescent's weight, whether due to slow weight gain, growth delay, or rapid weight gain, know that monitoring growth is an essential component of pediatric care.

When consulting growth charts, it's not uncommon to observe variations in a child's growth percentile, whether upward or downward. While this can be entirely normal, it requires an evaluation of their behavior and eating habits.

The goal of dietary monitoring is to ensure that the child is receiving a healthy and balanced diet, checking for any associated eating disorders, and adopting a compassionate approach to promote harmonious growth.

I adapt to the needs and habits of the family to bring about gradual changes to dietary and lifestyle habits.

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Family: Meal Planning

Do you need support to optimize your family organization, plan homemade family meals, or prepare quick meals without too much mental burden?

Guidance from a healthcare professional can be highly beneficial to assess your needs, identify challenges, and implement gradual changes through practical advice, objectives, and actionable steps.

Now is the ideal time to take control of your dietary balance and health. Professional support provides the opportunity to deeply understand your specific nutritional needs, overcome obstacles that may arise in your daily life, and adopt practical strategies for healthier meals tailored to your lifestyle.

I am available to support you at every step of this process, providing personalized advice and concrete solutions.

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