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What are your specializations?

After obtaining a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and a Master's degree, and with the aim of specializing, I have completed the following training to stay at the forefront of all aspects of child and adolescent nutrition:

  • University Diploma in Nutrition and Obesity of Children and Adolescents at the Faculty of Medicine of Sorbonne University

  • Dietary care for pregnant women

  • Psycho-behavioral Dietetics - Centre de Formation Diététique et Comportement

  • Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) - Normandie Pédiatrie

  • Oral Feeding Disorders workshops (Parents équipés)

  • Functional Nutrition and Micronutrition for Pregnant Women, Breastfeeding Women, and Young Children, Oreka Formation

  • MOOC Endometriosis - 2022

  • Optimizing Health and Fertility through Diet - Institut de formation à la fertilité - 2022

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Dietetics: Low FODMAP Diet, Micronutrition, and Phytotherapy - Institut de formation à la fertilité - 2022

  • Endometriosis and PMS: Micronutritional Management - Institut de formation à la fertilité - 2023

  • PCOS: Micronutritional Management - Institut de formation à la fertilité - 2024

What is my approach?

I take care of children from 0 to 18 years old and women planning to conceive, in the perinatal period (before conception, during pregnancy, and postpartum), those with gynecological issues, or in perimenopause.

I not only address weight loss but also offer specialized follow-ups for issues specific to children and women: allergies, gestational diabetes, introduction to solid foods, breastfeeding, endometriosis, PCOS, etc.

Beyond the traditional consultation methodology, in a relaxing and zen atmosphere, my approach differs from the majority of dieticians/nutritionists. I co-create with my patients a tailored care plan based on their needs, focusing on three axes of work:

  1. Quantitative "technical" learning: balancing nutrition, balanced plates, snacking, meal planning, batch cooking techniques, quick recipes, baby meal preparation, introduction to solid foods, etc.

  2. Qualitative "technical" learning: understanding food composition, quality of foods (fibers, omega-3, etc.)

  3. Psycho-sensory learning: addressing limiting beliefs, hunger and satiety sensations, stomach filling, etc.

Follow-up between consultations will be ensured through an application, facilitating communication and allowing us to share documents, recipes, and more.

How does the Treatment Process Unfold?

Dietetic consultations method in 2 steps:

1. ASSESSMENT to review your history, habits, lifestyle, and preferences to set concrete goals together and establish the foundations.

2. FOLLOW-UP to review, find solutions, and make concrete adjustments to difficulties.

The Assessment is often a 1-hour consultation, and the follow-up is 45 minutes.

During the assessment, we conduct a comprehensive anamnesis, I explain my methodology, and we engage in an initial "key themes" activity to define the first management objectives. If necessary, I will provide you with the first sheets adapted to your care.

My methodology involves practical aspects. During follow-up consultations, we will engage in thematic activities and one-to-one educational workshops tailored to a specific issue you may have identified between two follow-ups. The goal is to make you autonomous afterward and acquire practical foundations in managing daily life.

Patient follow-up is done through the Alivio platform. This application helps keep track of all experiences between two sessions and allows you to contact me at any time via secure messaging.

How are remote consultations conducted?

Remote dietary consultations take place via teleconsultations on the Doctolib platform or any other platform if you reside abroad.

During our appointment, we will discuss your needs, personal and family history, current habits, and lifestyle.

Together, we will establish achievable goals while considering your requirements, in order to create a dietary plan tailored to your needs. We can also track your progress during follow-up sessions.

Remote consultations offer increased flexibility and ensure quality dietary follow-up, even at a distance.

All dietary consultations can be conducted remotely, including the first consultation!

What are the benefits of teleconsultation?

Online consultation has several advantages:

Firstly, it saves time by avoiding the trip to the office, reducing time spent in transit, and the stress associated with arriving on time for the appointment.

You have the freedom to consult from various locations, whether it's your living room, office, workplace, or meeting room, as long as the environment is quiet and conducive to free expression.

Online consultation also offers the possibility of getting an appointment more quickly, with slots available in the morning and during lunch breaks, eliminating the need to take a half-day for the consultation.

Finally, this mode of consultation facilitates access to the advice of the dietitian-nutritionist, especially useful when travel is difficult, whether due to the presence of young children, individuals with reduced mobility, or people in recovery, ensuring continuity of care.

the teleconsultation/telecare: How does it work? 3 steps...
What are the consultation fees? What is the french healthcare coverage?

For more details on the rates, please check the platform.

Many health insurance / supplementary plans reimburse all or part of dietetic consultations. They are not covered by social security.

Do you have any other questions for me? Feel free to contact me...

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