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My specializations

Menstrual cycles disorders

Passionate about nutrition and health, I have specialized in the fields of perinatal nutrition, postpartum nutrition, pediatrics, and women's health. I have developed expertise in managing anti-inflammatory diets and providing micronutritional support in the context of endometriosis, adenomyosis, gynecological issues, as well as nutrition and micronutrition for fertility.

With several years of experience, I guide women through every stage of their lives, from preconception to pregnancy, through the postpartum period, and support children throughout their growth and development.

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Diet and lifestyle play a crucial role in fertility, both for men and women. My goal is to provide you with fertility-focused nutritional advice based on the latest reliable scientific research.

Making the right changes can have a significant impact. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies, whether you've been on this journey for some time or are just starting, I am here to accompany you and guide you in implementing these changes while respecting your habits and lifestyle.

Pregnancy § Postpartum

Pregnancy &

I offer support for a balanced and serene maternity journey. My goal is to provide you with the necessary tools to adopt a balanced diet to prevent deficiencies, experience an energetic pregnancy without excessive weight gain, alleviate common pregnancy discomforts (acid reflux, cramps, gestational diabetes, etc.), and better anticipate and prepare for the postpartum period.

Baby § Child

Baby & Child

If your child is experiencing feeding difficulties, is selective, or has oral motor disorders, I can help. Similarly, for weight monitoring needs, whether it's underweight or overweight in your child or adolescent. In cases of allergies, food intolerances, digestive diseases (such as celiac disease, IBD), or anemia, I am here to provide tailored follow-up and support to meet your specific needs.

Endometriosis & PCOS

Feminine Cycles

I assist you in managing various gynecological disorders. In the case of endometriosis/adenomyosis, my goal is to alleviate inflammation and pain, regulate hormonal and metabolic imbalances. For PCOS, my aim is to minimize the inconveniences associated with this syndrome. Additionally, I target reducing perimenopausal symptoms such as weight gain, hot flashes, irritability, etc. Furthermore, I strive to decrease digestive and/or urinary issues.

My primary objective is to enhance your quality of life by providing compassionate support and personalized advice on your nutrition and through micronutritional guidance.

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