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5 Good Reasons to Choose a Video consultation with a Dietitian Over a 'Traditional' Consultation!

Woman having a video consultation with her dietitian
Woman having a video consultation

Modern life can be hectic, right? Between work, family, and all the little obligations that pile up, finding time for an in-person consultation can sometimes feel impossible. That's where teleconsultation comes into play, and let me tell you, it has a lot to offer!

  1. Comfort at Home:

Imagine yourself discussing your favorite eating habits while comfortably seated at home, with your favorite cup of tea within reach. With teleconsultation, it's like having a dietitian in your living room!

  1. Maximum Confidentiality:

With teleconsultation, you're at home and in your usual environment, which can help you feel more comfortable talking about yourself. No more waiting rooms, just you and your dietitian, discussing your health goals and concerns in complete privacy.

  1. Total Flexibility and Time and Energy Savings:

With teleconsultation, you can schedule an appointment at a time that suits you, whether it's early in the morning before work, during lunch break, or late in the evening after dinner. No more time constraints or compromises on your busy schedule.

Another undeniable advantage of teleconsultation is the time and energy savings it offers. By avoiding trips to the office, you can dedicate this precious time to other important activities in your day. Whether it's spending quality time with family, exercising, or simply relaxing.

  1. Easy Access to Resources:

Another great reason to choose video consultation is the easy access to relevant resources. Sometimes, during a dietetic consultation, you might need to show your dietitian a specific food you often consume or perhaps a product you regularly use in your kitchen. With the video consultation, it's easy! You can simply move to your kitchen or refrigerator to retrieve the item in question and show it in real time. This instant accessibility helps us better understand your eating habits and provide tailored advice for your specific situation. Ultimately, this makes the consultation experience much more interactive and personalized.

  1. Reinforcement of Follow-up and Motivation:

Video consultation with your dietitian promotes regular follow-up and ongoing motivation in your nutritional journey. With easy access to your dietitian, you are more likely to maintain frequent contact and stay on track to achieve your goals. The ability to discuss your progress and challenges regularly strengthens your commitment to healthy eating and provides you with the tools you need for long-term success.

In conclusion, the video consultation with a dietitian offers a multitude of advantages that make it appealing compared to the "traditional" in-person dietetic consultation. It offers the comfort and privacy of your home, eliminates time and travel constraints, and enables easy access to relevant resources. Additionally, the video consultation reinforces follow-up and motivation, thereby promoting lasting results in your nutritional journey.

In my practice, I accompany patients from around the world. I adapt to their constraints, culinary habits, language, and availability, regardless of the country they reside in. Furthermore, I take into account the difference in time zones when they live on other continents.

So why wait? Opt for teleconsultation with a dietitian and get started!

Your dietitian just a click away!!!!


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