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Dietitian Specialist in Women's and Children's Nutrition

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I offer:

[Cycles & Fertility] Optimize your menstrual cycle for hormonal comfort and improve fertility by achieving an optimal nutritional status for an upcoming pregnancy.

[Hormonal and Gynecological Disorders] Reduce inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and metabolic issues by gradually introducing dietary changes, accompanied by micronutrition.

[Pregnancy & Postpartum] Adopt a suitable diet for good nutritional status during pregnancy, meeting both your and your baby's needs. Manage common pregnancy discomforts, balance blood sugar in the case of gestational diabetes, and prepare for the postpartum period.

[New Mom] Navigate your new mom body by addressing your nutritional needs. Regain your well-being and balance your diet without deprivation. Reduce mental load related to food: family meal planning and organization.

[Early Childhood] Guide the first steps in discovering tastes and solid food for your little one (Traditional Weaning, Baby-Led Weaning, or a combination). Find solutions to challenges such as food neophobia, selective eating, allergies, intolerances, or digestive disorders.

[Later Years] Establish a balanced diet tailored to the specific needs of the child to manage weight in the case of underweight or overweight and obesity.

My story and motivations:

I am Rita Paleni, a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist specializing in women's and children's nutrition. I discovered my passion for nutrition during my early adulthood and parenting journey, navigating through pregnancies and children with completely different dietary needs.

Specializing in the nutrition of women and children was a natural choice for me!

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Family Diet
Family Diet
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Anti-inflammatory Diet

I have specialized in providing care for women during the preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum phases, addressing issues related to gynecological and hormonal health. Additionally, my specialization extends to the care of infants, children, and adolescents.

Family Diet

A story of passion:

My interest in perinatal and pediatric nutrition sprouted from my desire to start a family. I delved into research and exploration, but it was with the arrival of my third child, in a conducive environment and with the support of my surroundings, that my passion turned into my profession: specializing in the nutrition of women and children.

We now understand how crucial good nutritional status is for enhancing fertility and initiating a pregnancy. The first 1000 days have become a major health focus nationally and internationally, further strengthening my commitment to socially contribute to women's health and that of the adults of tomorrow.

Subsequently, endometriosis emerged as a significant health issue in France. My personal interest in this matter grew, prompting me to specialize in this field as well as in gynecological and hormonal disorders in general (PCOS, amenorrhea, perimenopause, etc.), with the aim of offering assistance to as many women navigating these challenging journeys.

My approach:

I am not a traditional dietitian. I am committed to making information accessible to my patients, addressing their questions, and explaining the reasons behind each action and goal that we define together.

During consultations, my approach is personalized for each patient, considering their preferences, household dynamics, and challenges agreed upon based on their specific needs.

I use methods such as sensory experimentation and play, suitable for all ages, to make theory more tangible. Since each patient is unique, I adapt my approach based on my own sensitivities, adjusting my guidance to meet the specific needs of each patient seeking support.

My nutritional follow-up approach is multidisciplinary. Collaborating with other healthcare professionals ensures comprehensive care for my patients, addressing all aspects of their well-being.

Furthermore, by working in tandem with other healthcare professionals, I create workshops focused on specific themes dedicated to women's and pediatric nutrition.


I would be happy to help you...

Consultation . Teleconsultation

Family Diet

My Education and Specializations

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